Culture of Independence Unleashes Invention

Since you should align your culture, organization and operations around one of four strategies, it’s helpful to flesh out what the four different cultures mean. In the first of four articles, George Bradt digs into a culture of INDEPENDENCE – unleashing individual creativity and invention

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Havik is the "boutique" of Executive Search that stands out, at first, for the way to face our own business: we strive to “see” the processes and projects through the eyes of those who seek our services.

We understand that the ability to bear fruits is the greatest attribute that professionals can lend to organizations, and the greatest differential in the consolidation of their careers.

From these concepts came the inspiration to turn a word into our brand. Havik comes from the animal that lends us the name: The Goshawk, noble bird, of the order of the falcons. Unique, fast and accurate - just some of the qualities we seek to share with our customers. In the medieval era, they were one of the man´s companions, and legend has it that he who hunts with a goshawk can see through their eyes.


A world where people and organizations can fly higher and higher!


Share the same vision of our clients and candidates, incorporating it into the way we think, plan and act, delivering real, tangible and sustainable results for all parties.

We understand that each individual is unique, as is every organization;

We strive to "see" the processes and projects through the eyes of those how seek us;

We believe that the right attitude of genuine interest in people and the business can make a real difference;

Our goal is to promote the connection between people and organizations.

Who we are

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Havik receives as chairman Robert Wong, considered by The Economist magazine as one of the best 200 headhunters in the world.

AESC - Havik becomes a member of the Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants (AESC), the official body for consultants who represent exemplary standards in executive search and leadership advice worldwide.



Havik transforms his applied process into the context of postmodernity, pondering the transformations for the new models of governance, leadership, ethics, entrepreneurship, innovation, evaluation and management.

Cornerstone International Group - Havik becomes the brazilian member of Conerstone International Group, a leading executive search company, with more than 300 consultants in more than 70 offices worldwide.




Guia Você S/A Award  - Elected for the 2nd consecutive year as a prominent supplier in the Headhunting category.

Harpio - Launch of the Harpio brand in Recruitment & Selection and RPO for management support positions.

Beginning of the partnership with ToF | Translating the Future - A laboratory of postmodernity, which operates on TerraDois. Partners Jorge Forbes, Silvio Genesini and Ricardo Tucci.


Kenoby - Havik establishes a new online recruitment process, which allows us to track real time the development of our work through the digital platform.

Guia Você S/A Award - Elected as a prominent supplier in the Headhunting category.


Havik expands its operations to several segments, including telecommunications, agribusiness, healthcare, energy, retail and mining.


Havik starts acting as an executive search boutique in the banking, financial services and insurance segments.




Executive Search

Through our unique methodology that brings together a specialized view by market segment to the main dimensions of influence - Governance, Strategy, Leadership and Culture - we contribute effectively to the organizations in our Executive Search processes.


Recommended in Executive Search processes, Succession Plans and Market Mapping, it is a process that aims to measure the technical, behavioral and cultural adherence of a professional to a specific function in an organization.

Board & CEO Services

In an increasingly complex and competitive environment, where the speed of change puts current models in check, it is critical that organizations compose a highly-skilled board. Our role is to evaluate, hire and mentor board members and CEO's.


Through an exclusive methodology, we apply the Onboarding program to the leadership projects we conduct, whose main objective is to assist in the insertion, adaptation and generation of results of the newly hired professional.


Robert Wong
Robert Wong

Board Adviser


Ricardo Barcelos
Ricardo Barcelos
Senior Partner

Financial Services


Fabio Fonseca
Fabio Fonseca
Senior Partner


and Healthcare

Daniel De Paiva
Daniel De Paiva
Senior Partner

Technology, Digital

and Energy

Ricardo Moreira
Ricardo Moreira
Senior Partner

Industrial and


Vanessa Batista
Vanessa Batista


and Healthcare



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